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Six Reasons Why the NHL is Much Better Than the NFL

Posted by James Lindsay on January 26, 2014 at 3:35 PM

While watching the NHL outdoors in the Stadium Series live in New York, I have been reflecting on why NHL hockey is much better than NFL football.  This opinion goes beyond the simple truth that the sport of hockey is better than the sport of  football.  If you are reading this, you probably already believe that.  Here are a few things to consider while you watch the Super Bowl.  I will watch it of course, however I would rather watch hockey.  In what other ways is the NHL so much better?

1. Football is only played ONCE a week:  Really?!   Is football so much harder than hockey that you can only play once a week!  Furthermore, they perseverate all week about their injuries and sometimes skip their only game.  Hockey players can play four times a week, sometimes back to back days and some how survive. 

2. Hockey players are tougher:  The toughest athletes in sports are definitely not football players, its hockey players for sure.  They are battered and bruised on the ice.  They are thrown into the boards and hit the ice.  They fight (on skates!).  They block pucks going 95 mph (higher if Al MacInnis is shooting)!  Football is a hard and rough game, but not like hockey.

3. Penalties in hockey do not decide who wins:  Yes, a key power play can change the way a game goes, however the winning team still has to put the puck in the net.  In football, whine a bit about coverage and you can get pass interference.  That penalty can bring a team ALL THE WAY DOWN the field if called.  It is ridiculous. 

4. Hockey players are more down to earth:  Of course there are prima donnas in every sport, however the NFL seem to have more than most.  Wide receivers not named Larry Fitzgerald seem to really have a problem thinking that it is all about them.  Hockey is so completely a team sport and it has such a tradition of grittiness, this attitude is relatively rare.  Hockey pounds the prima donna out of you.

5. Hockey has more action:  In football, they run a play and then walk around a bit, wait till they are good and ready and then finally snap the ball.  Football takes forever and half the time they are not playing.  In hockey EVERY second counts.  Goals have been scored with less than a second remaining.  This game allows no down time while the play clock is going.  Football wastes tons of time.

6. In hockey you cannot "take a knee":  It is maddening to me, that a professional sports league has rules that allow you to waste a minute or more of playing time at the end of the game with the result on the line.  No other sport allows that and often in hockey the result of the game is decided in the last minute.  In football you can just take a knee and do not have to play it out to the end.  It is wussy beyond belief. 

There are six reasons, I know there are more.  Clearly NHL hockey is way better than NFL football.

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Reply Landon Ewaniuk
3:19 PM on January 27, 2014 
I won't disagree, but the NFL is still how I spend Sundays!