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Where Are the Shootout Goals?

Posted by James Lindsay on February 15, 2013 at 9:25 AM

If there is one thing that I have yet to figure out in fantasy hockey it is,"Why are shootout goals not a scoring category?"  It is easy to see why in REAL hockey they do not have it as a category, because it would then have to be counted against the goalies in their statistics.  They would cause all kinds of debate and conflcit.   However in our make believe version, there is no such hinderance.  We could make it count for the skaters and simply keep it the way that it is for the goalies.  Yet, even though we can count faceoffs won and lost, shots on goal, shooting percentage (a useless stat in hockey by the way, this is not basketball.  "Pucks on net" is a key strategy, regardless of percentages), we skip game winning shootout goals.   Anyhow, it is a baffling thing to me.  I hope that the many hockey fantasy gurus who read will see this and at least make shootout goals an option.  It would be just one more way to make the alternative reality game closer to the real one.

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